Dienstag, 7. Juni 2016

Die 9. Dimension

 t.b. OR NOT t.b."Die Neunte Dimension" (unpop 029)

t.b. OR NOT t.b. präsentieren Tracks zur Kurzgeschichte "Die Neunte Dimension" von Miss KreatiEva

"We are happy to announce the release of our new CD "Die Neunte Dimension - Weg nach Innen" (unpop 029) ! This will be a kind of soundtrack CD for the short story of the same name by MissKreatiEva. The CD contains five brandnew tracks and four older ones in different versions (...and some of them even for the first time on CD!) plus a 20 page CD-Booklet designed by MissKreatiEva.
On thursday we will present the entire CD live here:
https://www.facebook.com/events/164080903994169/  "