Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Superstolk Live 2016!

 LIVE AM 5.11.2016

Ein inzwischen ja selten gewordenes Kunsthappening der unglaublichen Sorte: Die Popgruppe SUPERSTOLK spielt live in Hanau in der neu eröffneten HAFENKNEIPE ...
Es wird ein bisschen wie nach Hause kommen sein, am Samstag 5. November 2016. Und die alten Hits, die haben wir dann auch im Gepäck (gibt ja zur Zeit keine neuen, harhar) - und diese CD-Compilation hier haben wir dann sogar in einer physischen Neuauflage (zum Anfassen!) auf unserem Merchandise-Stand rumliegen!

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016


Materialeinschüchterung "Material intimidation"
Oktober 2016, unpop 030


"Material Intimidation" (unpop 030)

Limited edition CD-R

Usually i'm way too lazy to write (or even translate!) my posts in english here nowadays - but this announcement for the brandnew CD by my brave little Impro-Band MATERIALEINSCHÜCHTERUNG is a brlliant occasion to do so...
First, because it is new and it is good and like all CDs I'm releasing, it is strictly limited and the artwork is handmade, -stamped and -printed and made with a lot of love... so maybe you feel like wanting one (in this case please send a mail if you know where to send it to...).
And second - the CD is called "Material Intimidation" to let all you friends from Internationalistan have an idea what that strange and long german band name with the Umlaut does exactly mean...
But please don't get confused by what is written on the cover. Though we see ourselves as a Rockband that is trying new paths this music doesn't sound a bit like your usual Bluespunkrockfunkjazz. It's more like Rockmusic without the rock... or maybe without the music. And don't forget the translation thing about this new MATERIALEINSCHÜCHTERUNG-CD - maybe the cover just says 'skirt'?

No soundcloud/bandcamp yet (coming soon!)

Neues Kompakt Disk wenn du wolle du könne kaufe ...
(unpop 030)
Nachtrag 24.10.2016:

"Track 1 is a special medley with the best parts of the whole CD mixed into one track with some additional production. It's the only public available excerpt from the 'Material Intimidation' album and it does not appear on the album - but you can download it for free! If you want to hear the album in its entirety, you'll have to buy it digital or physical (or try to steal it!)".